Monday, 14 April 2014

Making the most of being tired...

God I annoy myself with how crap I am at writing on my blog! Unfortunately I'm just one of those people who starts each week with all good intentions...

'This week I'm going to exercise every day and lose a dress size by Sunday...'
'This week I'm only going to eat clean meals, no processed crap will make its way past my lips...'
'My house is going to look like a palace all week, I'm going to keep it so clean...' 
'I am going to write at least 50,000 words this week...' 
'I'm going to write at least twice on my blog this week...' 

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you too?

For some reason even though I start every week full of promise to be my perfect self it just never turns out that way. And not because I'm lazy! But because as I'm always saying, life just gets in the way. That or I'm just too tired to do anything after a long and grueling day at the office. So I decided tonight to make the most of being exhausted for once, rather than sitting in my nice, warm and comfy bed just reading my Kindle (which is my perfect night I might add...) I thought I'd make better use of my time by using 'chill out' time to update my blog and carry on with my book reviews. Yey! 

And it's definitely time to make my blog be all pretty and awesome since (very excitingly) I'm taking part in a Review Blast on April 27th for another author. I am so excited about it too! I've already read the material and have put together some notes ready to write my reviews. Eek! 

Whist I'm ridiculously excited about the book reviewing at the moment, I am also stupidly enthusiastic about the books I'm writing - which I guess you would hope I would be, trying to be an author and all that. The only problem is I realised the other day that I am actually working on 9 different stories at the moment and I have no idea how that happened! 

Well actually I do...

I can be half way through writing a very exciting chapter in one book and abruptly have an idea for another story at the same time. Who knows what triggers that!? But anyway, so i'll rush through to finish the chapter I'm writing and then i'll open another document straight away and start to write a new story with no real prior planning...And that's how I've ended up with 9 stories on the go. I've seriously  tried to reprimand myself for it and I've tried to be more stern with myself and the way I plan stories and organise writing time but honestly that's just how I work best, truth be told. I am one of those authors who gets bored easily and when I get bored, you can tell in my writing so I find the best way to keep my writing as good as I think it can be, is to keep shaking things up, swapping and changing between stories because then each and every time I come to add more to one of them, I'm looking at it with fresh and exciting eyes once again. My process wouldn't work for everyone however and if I was a full time writer I may well work differently but for now this is how I keep my writing mojo at its best. 

So my hubby has just brought me a cup of tea and I'm taking that as my cue to end this post and go write another thousand words of...well who knows which book but it'll definitely be one of them... :-)

ttfn xx 

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